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Wirehaired Vizsla Club of
North America
Club Goals
This club is for people who love the Wirehaired Vizlsa and currently own one or hope to own one someday. We want to educate people about this special breed.

Why is the breed so special?
The Wirehaired Vizsla is a very versatile breed.  They are excellent swimmers, which make them excellent for duck and goose hunting. They are also an excellent pointing breed in the field when hunting for quail, pheasant and chuckars. They also are used in falconry and deer-stalking.

Why start a club?
We want to give people that have Wirehaired Vizslas a club they can be a member of and a place for all of us to share our stories and ask each other questions. Annual membership will allow members to place approved ads and to receive a bi-monthly newsletter.

Who can join the club?
Anyone can join the club once approved by the membership committee. Members must be willing follow the standards we have established.

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Contact Information
For more information about the club contact
Joe and Kayla Nagle
We will love to hear from you!
Who are we?
Founders of the Club Joe and Kayla Nagle

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Current Projects
    Memberships: Club Member Application
    General committee members needed

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Last revised: 07/29/2001